In 1984 I was in my late adolescence. President Reagan could hit the red button at any time. I was in college but the future was bleak so I took a plane. I landed in London, England to find myself in a squat with hippies lying around on dingy mattresses complaining about the unfairness of …

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anecdote by tali

Mind The Cap

The first thing I saw of him was the back of his head. He was sitting in front of a computer. He introduced himself as my new boss and let me know that I will not be working for him but with him.


Pearl and Lorraine

I was helping Pearl make stuffed eggs when the phone rang, it was her friend Lorraine. Pearl didn’t feel like talking. “I’ll call her back, she can go on for hours” When the eggs were finished she called her back . “Yah, it’s me…have you got your pants on?” On avait planifié d’aller à une vente d’église alors quand je l’ai …

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Pearl (introduction)

81 year old lady who lives in Bagtown. She’s short and has a really wide ass, wears pink pants and has a little hairy dog who makes her complain at. Doesn’t have a boyfriend, doesn’t want one.
“they’re too self centered” She prefers the dog.