The minister

anecdote about a small town minister

   While helping Pearl make her pickles, she told me a story about  a minister at the Anglican in Dunham. The story dates a while back…

He got booted out of his church in Ontario and was shipped to here. “He was a mean bastard and cheap too, his wife couldn’t even buy herself clothes.”  The minister and his wife had two boys and a girl, the oldest. One day a lady of the parish complained that she had been getting obscene phone calls. She told Pearl that she recognized  the voice, “Is it possible that it’s the Minister’s son!?”  “oh yah” answered Pearl. Anyway one day they learn that the Minister is taking his daughter to England to attend a private school. It didn’t stick with Pearl cause he never spent a nickel. Two months later they were back. But his daughter didn’t return to Dunham for a while and after that he was shipped to New Brunswick.

Years later the new minister’s wife told Pearl that she could hear a baby crying in the presbytery. Pearl told me that sometimes unwanted children were disposed of wherever it was convenient, sometimes in between the walls. “Weird things happen ya know.”  

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